I hold a court audible range tommorow, what should i wear and what should i do?

I'm a girl.
Dress business casual, but modestly. Here is an article on dressing for court that might relief: http://www.westpalmbeachdivorcelawyer.co… I know it is about divorce court, but the dress is the same across the dash.

Good luck!
all right be sensible and wear smart clothes, you do not need to be all flashy basically smart clothes. You will one of not many there who recognize you are at court and respect it. If your there because of something you did wrong just be honest and show remorse and listen to what your solicitor say or the duty solicitor if you have not got one. Turn up any at 9.30 am or 1.30 pm depending if your sitting morning or afternoon and bring a paper or something to read as you may be there a couple of hours waiting for your valise.

Please keep in mind this is an answer for a Magistrates court surrounded by England or Wales as you never said what type of court or where.
The court business will not presumably start until somewhat later (10 am being typical, although I don`t know there it's 9.30), but it's best to arrive on time, achieve a feel of the place and report to the usher. Look clean and tidy. Don't look too opulent -- you may be facing a fine and you shouldn't give the impression of person too wealthy. It would be best not to wear your newest shoes. Some womanly magistrates make a point of looking at people's feet to see details close to that, on the basis that you could buy a smart outfit in Oxfam, but smart unmarked shoes are hard to come buy unless you have plenty of bread. Be polite and address your remarks to the chairman of the bench -- the one in the middle -- who is to be addressed as Sir/Madam. Depending on the charge, you may want to be represented by the duty solicitor (it's free).
You want to look as clean, neat and tidy as possible. Nothing flashy, no unprotected skin, no giant jewellery. Aim for looking like a cross between a librarian and a Sunday university teacher.

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