UK Murder Charges - unknown US Style choices?

The UK Director of Public Prosecutions is backing calls for the equality system in England & Wales to adopt the introduction of first degree and second level murder charges, along similar lines to that in the US. They state that it will provide 'better definition' in the charging of suspects and their trial by jury, and hopefully a fairer system adjectives round. But has this worked in the US to date? Has it found to be a fiesta system over there? And are there times when it simply doesn't work? Be interested to hear viewpoint from both sides of the pond! Cheers .....
The type of murder charges you are interested in do work well over here because in attendance are always circumstances in any crime that must be considered, Mens Rea is the mental intent and premeditated murder is 1st point and in the heat of feeling is second degree, in the US in that are also charges for manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter, involuntary is when a death occurs accidentally and voluntary is when it occur because of an event that could have been avoided similar to driving while intoxicated.
There is no such offence as Premeditated Murder - in UK. Murder is - THE DELIBERATE INTENT TO TAKE A LIFE. I do not see any problem as the ruling stands at present. You can not be convicted of murder if there was not a on purpose intent by you to take a life. The Judge listen to all the evidence and sets the Tariff accordingly so, a Terrorist will return with a 30 plus years Tariff but a man who kills his wife - with careful intent / murder - may get a 12 - 14 years Tariff. All will be sentenced to Life in prison.
A party who is considered a danger to society - likely to kill in cold blood again - may also get a 25 - 30 years Tariff or a WHOLE LIFE SENTENCE, will die in prison. The Judge assesses the dangerousness of the man surrounded by the dock.
I do not see any reason to minimise the offence by resorting to degree of murder - deliberate intent says it adjectives as far as I am concerned.
We already have the "lesser" charge of manslaughter for offences whereby you kill in cold blood a person but no deliberate intent - Means Rea ? through your travels a person lost their life, speak you deliberately punched him to the ground as a violent attack but did not intend to kill in cold blood him. The judge has discretion whether to bestow a life sentence or a fixed term sentence.

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