My neighbours dog kill our chickens on 19th October 2010 and refuse to repay any compensation, why can i do?

We have now sent them 2 requests for the money and they enjoy ignored us completely. Solicitors will not take the " small" claim on, who can i run to ?
I'm thinking.. poison and some meat left out over night should formulate the problem doesn't happen again.
I am guessing if solicitors wil not purloin it on then they see you have no uncertainty of winning. Did you get the chickens after they have a dog? How did the dog get onto your land? If the neighbour removed a fence-his blemish, if you did not secure you land totally from dogs and foxes could be classed as your idiosyncrasy.

Really sorry you lost your chickens, but I suspect it will be more stress for you and money for solicitors if you continue to try and claim back your loss.
Try and re-secure your parkland so this doesn't happen again and get more chickens. Send a communication to your neighbours stating you have birds and can they please keep their animals sour your land - keep a copy of the communication and photos of evidence that you have tried to secure your estate after this sad occurance.
I hope you will still have frequent years of chicken ownership ahead of you.
Assuming you have a claim, you could issue your claim for the value of the chickens surrounded by the small claims process of your local county court, or you can do it online.

All I'd say is that the money you recover (if any) will not retribution for the irreparable damage to neighbourly relations. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
You can issue the claim yourself with a county court. If you do it is advisable to write your neighbors a 'letter before action' stating that if they don't respond by (say two weeks from the date you convey it) then you are going to issue court proceedings. If you don't get a response after go ahead and issue your claim.
You should have got the police involved from the start as the dog be loose and not controlled.

If you have pictures and witness reports which you can take to the police for guidance.

Are you a land owner as you are within your rights to shoot a dog to be precise not controlled.

Talk to your local council about loose dogs and go to your CAB organization.
See your citizens warning and they will tell you the best way to get better your costs.
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if you were contained by america u could get a gun and get the money yourself

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