DWP ESA Dept !! Absolutely Useless ?

Why oh Why ? ? ?
I have been told by ESA Jobcentre Plus, that iam due an Arrears allowance, due to my esa Tribunal being allowed.
Now this is the difficult bit ! Paying me !!
I have spoken to 5 family now, and been promised my money final week, this week, and now this morning, its not been issued at adjectives !! ??
Excuses are : Its a Computer error, Computer glitch on the system, who ever told you, doesnt know what they are talking about, we still entail your details, from the other office, your not on the system ? ? and on and on !!
Theres no need to grasp upset, your constant calls are only reminding us of what we should be doing ! Mmm..... yes, thats right !! what you should be doing !!
have anyone else experienced this ??
You need to be aware that, due to the savage attacks by the government on benefits, the populace dealing with your claim are probably overloaded with work right presently. It is possible that the out dated IT systems they have to use are also overloaded. You just necessitate to help them by providing as much information as possible, and have for a while patience.

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