Can I be dissmissed for have certified sick quit?!?

I have been rotten sick for 2 weeks with Gastroenteritis, this has be certified and I sent my employer in my sick note. I own just received a letter from the superior stating she wants a meeting next to me to discuss my suitability to continue my employment and that given the outcome may be I am dismissed I can take someone else near me. She then wrote please confirm in writing if I can attend the appointment.....obviously not because I am poorly, and secondly I can send surrounded by a written response if I choose to do so?! Basically saying resign.

I need some guidance please, will this effect my future references? Can the mediator dismiss me for being sick?!?

Any advice would be great. Thank you.
Most employers will single take this step in the grip of prolonged, or repetitive illness. It is unusual for an employer to do this after just two weeks. Sometimes, if an member of staff is still in a probationary period, employer will sack them for taking sick leave, which may be legal, depending on the jargon of your contract. Without knowing the whole story it is difficult to give counsel, but on no account should you be pushed into resigning. At the end of the daylight, if they do sack you, you need to talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau, or ACAS.
Firstly, to clarify something, a doctor's entry is not an order or instruction to stay off work, it is purely an warning addressed to you that you should refrain from work. It doesn't provide you permission to be absent, just your employer can do that.

Yes, you can be disciplined or even dismissed for poor attendance. Sounds like your record is smaller number than perfect, so your employer is invoking the disciplinary process.
First off, do you hold a doctor's note, and are you still under his keeping? If you are so poorly, have a friend deliver the response to your boss with the doctors diagnosis and all along time you will be out of work! Your illness is NOT permanent, and it take time for person to recover. Your boss should know this, if she have a brain in her head! If you hold a contract with the company covering you for sickness, and have days still on files which you are entitled to use in a case approaching this, she cannot sack you for just being ailing! You are in England right!? Yanks don't use the expression Poorly here!
Firstly, gastroenteritis occasionally lasts more than a week so you must have a really severe covering to be off for longer than that unless there are complications and you are bed bound. So any there is another illness and you entail a new sick note or you obligation to return to work to prove your worth. You can be let go by your employer for reduced success if you have had exceptional amounts of sickness
Its incredibly unusual for an employer to do this after only 2 weeks sick - do you have a transcription of continual 'sick leave'? I'm also surprised she hasnt gone down the usual verbal warning/written warning route. I deliberate you had better have a look at your employment contract to see what is stated at hand regarding sick leave, but again, extraordinarily, very unusual.
If you're on the up and up, and you have be off for just two weeks, later she would have a very complex job dismissing you. That way lies the industrial tribunal. The onus would be on HER to do any proving ,not you. The singular written response I would be sending her, is a letter stating that as per doctors sick note, I am unfit to progress anywhere, and I certainly wouldnt make it uncomplicated for her and resign.
A phone call to CAB wouldnt come amiss either.
Basically yes. If you are past its sell-by date sick too much the employer can question your ability to do the career. No employer has to employ anyone who can show puts their business at risk. However, everything they do must follow their agreed systems, and if you cart them to industrial tribunal over it they must be able to show why your absences be causing them so much difficulty.
Yes you can but lone if there is no prospect of you returning to work or you have be previously warned after being sour sick.

Have you been previously warned that if you own further sick absences you may face dismissal? If not later it would be unlawful to dismiss you for this absence. Source(s): Trade union officer for over 30 years.

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