Another state sponsored successful euthanasia. Discuss.?

The recent death of a woman in St. Otteran's Hospital, John's Hill Waterford, is however another instance of state sponsored euthanasia. The woman died after suffering a history of strokes, blood poisoning, bowel problems, stomach ulcers (from over medication, so that she could only put away mashed potatoes) falls, bronchial infections, and heart disease. The woman had her first stroke contained by her early forties, due to over perscription of medication, which is administered on a trial basis, to any merciful who has no family member visiting to object. This woman had a mild learning disability, and be never in any way horrific, she should never have been within St. Otteran's in the first place, where she be dumped by a worthless family. Another ignored statistic by the goverment which proves over the concluding twenty years, long term use of psychotic medication causes hasty death. State sponsored euthanasia.
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Maybe so. Was in that anything to be done for her? Could the community have helped?

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