Would one be fined immediately for not having a TV licence?

I understand you can get fined up to £1000 if you ignore repeated warnings about not having a TV licence. Would you get fined anything at all at first, or just get a warning and demand for payment?
It is the policy of the TV Licencing agents to send out several warnings first before administering a fine. In fact it is a court that would administer the fine, not the TV licencing agency. The agency would have to present the case to the court and the magistrate has the power to fine upto £1000 for non compliance. But the TV licencing agents have to prove you have a TV or other products that can receive a TV signal such as a computer before they can prosecute. For that, they need to gain entry to your home. That requires a warrant so it gets quite complicated really.
Before you get fined, you have to be taken to court. You cannot be fined for ignoring repeat warnings. The TV Licencing Authority has to prove you are watching television programmes - as they are being aired - ie, not on Iplayer or similar.

They have to gain admittance to your home to get this information or you have to admit to watching TV before they can take you to court.

Advise him that it is in his best interests to get a licence but that he does not have to answer the door, answer questions or allow anyone into his home without a search warrant
You will be summoned to your local magistrate court and you will be fined, how much you are fined will depend on how long you have not had a licence and if you have since purchased a licence
One would definitely be fined and one should consider oneself extremely fortunate that one hasn't been fined already. Shouldn't one?

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You would receive a couple of warnings 1st
i've never had a tv licence and upto now all they've done is sent me threatning letters (all of which i've ignored)
No. The people who come nosing around people's houses have no authority to fine you. They must report the matter to their office and a communication will be sent to any person believed to have using a TV without a licence which is tantamount to a notice of intended prosecution. The next stage (unless some kind of accommodation is made, such as showing that there was a licence covering the TV after all) is a summons to attend the Magistrates' Court. Some people think that if they rush out and buy a licence immediately, all will be well, but the fact remains that they were using a TV without a licence for quite a while before they were caught and the licence will only operate from the date of purchase.

The amount people are fined is about twice the licence fee and they are ordered to pay compensation for the estimated time during which they didn't have a licence, together with costs. Nobody is fined £1000 or anything like it.

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