Which law would you amend if you could?

Or what would you make illegal that isn't?
What do you have an idea that should have severer penalties and which milder ones?
i'd regulation the laws of gravity. and i would make flabbiness a crime punishable by death
Oh don't get me started.

First welfare: Yes sometimes inhabitants need a helping hand. Why the hell should tariff payers support those to lazy to work. No govt assistance w/o a job. Also constrict of 2 kids per welfare household. After that get fixed or abortion. Can't feed them don't breed them. Also mandatory drug test for all welfare recipients.

Next child support: The mother requirements to work when the child is school aged. If she refuses her income requests to be calculated at minimum wage. That income needs to be used to determine the amount of child support. It's called child support not vagimony. It is to support the child(ren). Not so idle single mothers can sit on their butts at home.
I would review profusely of drugs legislation. Most of it is based on conservative bigotry rather than quantifiable reality. A few months ago in the UK, several prominent scientists resigned from a government-appointed advisory board because their professional direction was being unseen.

I would allow either same sex or different sex couples to marry or enter a civil partnership, whatever they want to do. At the moment lone same sex couples can have civil partnerships and different sex couples can marry.

I would increase the speed stricture on motorways to 85mph.

I would abolish compulsory worship in schools and insist that religious schooling includes a discussion of agnosticism/atheism and is not biased towards one particular religion.

I would make taking first-aid programme a compulsory requirement before getting a full driving license.

This is going to be an extremely unpopular one, but I would legalize torture surrounded by extreme situations where there is an impending threat to energy. For example, somebody who has confessed to planting a bomb but refuses to utter where it is.

I would legalize prostitution within a model similar to that in the Netherlands. It will never go away, and if you force it underground, you put it surrounded by the control of criminals, with all the grim side-effects of any criminalized market (similar to drugs, in that respect)

I would reformation international law to give it greater strength to prosecute those who hold performed genocide. Its almost a cliche, but those who have murdered are sent to energy in prison, whereas those who have committed genocide are given diplomatic imperviousness and safe haven by another state or, if eventually tried, indulged for years in luxury within drawn-out trials.

I would give milder penalties (or none at adjectives depending on the situation) to those who protect themselves in genuine self-defense. I surmise its disgraceful that people who, for example, defend themselves from a burglar who threatened them contained by their own home, are subject to prosecution for assault. They should be celebrated in the community.

By the way, its frightening reading some of the fascist answers to this question about welfare. "2 kids on welfare, or draw from fixed or an abortion" - that could be a comment out of Nazi Germany. Of course, like everybody, I'm against welfare scroungers, but it is not so black and white. Generally, a state that offers welfare to its citizens promotes a safer, more coherent, smaller number disparate society with greater social mobility.
1. Drunk Driving. It should be automatic prison sentence, vehicle repossession, loss of license for at least 5 years. They made the choice to drive drunk, they can live with these consequences.)

2. Immigration Laws. (make punishment path more severe.) Also, we need to defend the border much more effectively.

3. Welfare. (Eliminate it for 95% of the recipient. No food stamps, no welfare payments, no free health care, etc. They entail to get off their portly behind and get a living. I don't care if they have to flip burgers. I pay packet my own way, so should they.)

4. Juvenile repeat offenders. (Make the punishment much more severe)
I've always believed that life sentences should scrounging exactly that - life. And the one crime that I feel should transport a much harsher sentence is killing someone whilst behind the joystick of a vehicle when either drunk or high on drugs. The penalty for doing that is pathetic at the moment. It should be automatically regard as manslaughter.
I would eliminate welfare.

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