Does every creature who dies, enjoy to receive autopsied?

these days it is routine practice for people who died to be autopsied, no situation what their age was or even when the cause of release is plainly obvious (ie. crushed skull after being knock down by a car).
i remember having to watch a video of an autopsy surrounded by school for biology and i most certainly DON'T want my body (yeah, i know it's solitary a shell once i'm dead...but still) to be cut into a mass of slices and the resulting mush to be shovled back into my abdominal cavity and sown up.
if a entity was to put it in their Will that they do not want to be autopsied, would that request be honoured? taking some blood and small sample with a needle (like a plunger biopsy) would be ok, but not to be chopped up into chunks as described above.
just curious and how do you feel almost autopsies, especially on persons where the motive of death is already known or palpable?
In the US, autopsies are done only when the passing is unattended by a medical professional and unexpected and the cause is within question. Not sure what video you saw but pathologists tend to be very respectful of the unmoving. I can't imagine that the UK has satisfactory money to "routinely perform autopsies" when there is no sound out as to cause. You can say doesn`t matter what you want in your will but if murder, poisoning etc are suspected then you will be autopsied unless your household can put forth a very strong religious reason as to why not. In the US, within are people who donate their bodies and there are so various homeless people who pass away unclaimed that I doubt the medical school are in dire need of bodies to autopsy simply for the heck of it. Maybe UK is different.
You roughly only get an autosy if within is a suspicion on cause of death. The crushed skull example would be to check for drugs to probably verify the drivers story.
If 2 doctors sign off there is no autopsy if produce of death is self evident. A request surrounded by a will would be honoured provided the CPS were happy beside the cause of death.
Personally, I don't thought. I'm being cremated and scattered surrounded by Puget Sound.
No, an autopsy will only take place if the motive of death is suspicious or is not immediately patent or if the death is sudden & unexpected.
In the UK, as long as the Coroner is not involved an autopsy is not required. It is only contained by cases of suspicious or unexplained death that one would be required.
It adjectives depends, say if a person go around a bar spiking drinks and someone died from that there would noticeably HAVE to be an autopse to see what drug ect...

And no, you wont be cut up for any reason, unless you want to (you can choose to donate your body to science) or your family wishes an autopsie on your body

and on most autopsie's its just looking for and brusies or finding the cause of disappearance, and all they do is basicly check the outer of your body, they most certainly do not cut you up.

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No not everyone has an autopsy..
I don't know about the UK. But here in the US, no not everyone who dies get an autopsy. In fact, the percentage of folks who die here who get autopsies is to some extent low. Most people who die here do not get autopsies. There are constant circumstances that trigger getting an autopsy. Also, the family can request an autopsy.
I don't know about the UK, but surrounded by the US autopsies are not that common. They are done when there is a mystery or a suspected crime or when ordered by the kith and kin or police. In the US, if a person doesn't want an autopsy, that is commonly considered in the decision. Make sure that the executor of your will is aware and converse to a lawyer about what kind of documents may need to be filed to be sure that your wishes are carried out where on earth you live.

One example, in the US, the 1st amendment freedom of religion means that the Medical Examiner must follow the religious practices of orthodox Jews whose religion dictates that their body must not be violated. However, if near is a suspicion of murder, the overwhelming need for evidence will trump. In that case, the ME will allow a rabbi to be present during the autopsy who will see and ensure that anything removed from the body, including anything that gets any blood on it, such as the gloves, is ultimately saved and kept beside the body so it can all be buried together according to Jewish law. If they requirement to do the autopsy, they will, but they will do their best to be sensitive to wishes and needs. Remember, these people are professionals who do autopsies every hours of daylight. Dealing with loved ones sensitively is a large module of their job.

No, only if foul play is suspected or the family circle or a Dr. requests it because they don't have an answer as to why they died.
My understanding from criminal law types I work next to is that autopsies are generally performed on those who died of unknown circumstances or at home (where the imperative figures they were clubbed surrounded by the drawing room by Col. Mustard with the candlestick no less!).
Otherwise, its done solitary at the family's request.

Of course, it may greatly vary depending on the jurisdiction where the departure occurred.
Personally, if its known why the character died, why go that extra step?

Unless it WAS figured Col. Mustard poisoned the subject in the study instead!

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