Criminal injuries claim?

hi could some one please tell me how much i would get compensation erudite from criminal injuries for a stab wound to the lower abdomen .it was a 3inch wound beside just tissue damage thankfulness
Probably nothing.
It may be easy to acquire the judgment through the court, but collecting will prove difficult. It may be far wiser to plead to the court for a criminal sentence rather than compensatory damages.
Things may be at variance in UK, but in the USA, unless the criminal have lots of assets that the court can seize- you will get nothing.
Are you asking about getting money from the taxpayers? Or from the criminal? In travel case of a criminal conviction, then in most states the adjudicate who imposes sentence can also order the criminal to recompense restitution -- your actual expenses. Of course, most criminals have no money and so the order cannot be enforced.
If your state or country have a law that allows for the taxpayers to cover some losses to the victim of a crime, that state or country also have a law that set out how the amount is to be calculated. Few places have such a canon.
If you are asking about a civil lawsuit, at your own expense, and want to know how the jury will calculate damages, it is difficult to predict but within are some fine books on the subject.
For the Americans on here, we have a Criminal Injuries Board which we can claim from.
Sorry cannot tell you as within is a list of different injuries and it also takes into portrayal what if any after effects you might have.
This is one for your Solicitor.
Good Luck.
Few thousand probably, you'd be better checking near a solicitors to make sure though.
Man , hope you're okay

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