Can i stop a armour going ahead if i believe iv agreed to things lower than duress,not a criminal covering,a ethnic group crust.?

iv a court case coming up this monday for me and my daughter,i feel iv have to agree to things im not sure about or happy near, it seems my solicitor isn't fighting neither,can i draw from this case adjourned until i receive a new solicitor who believes in their work?
Yes, unsurprisingly you can! Most towns/counties have a website where you can find adjectives the paperwork and fill it out yourself, it is a pretty easy obligation. But like your other response it does depend on where you live. If you aren't healthy with your lawyer, find another! I am not sure in the region of the duress part though! Unless somebody was blackmailing you, using cohersion, orsomething equally manipulative, it doesn't decline under the legal definition, but as I said up to that time look it up, it may be a different definition than in the US!
Good Luck to you!
I had alike situation a while back. Save some time and click on the

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