I hold a short time ago be made redundant can i steal my employer for excessive dismissal?

i have just be made redundant can i take my employer for unfair dismissal...they made me redundant because of the certainty that all there contracts are collateral work and my clearance hasnt yet came through after 8 months.the company i worked for have just took on a big contract of fitting out a hospital which means they hold work in the other parts of industry.ive never had any warning or anything bad against me though ive had a bit of time of because of my son not one to well at the moment though theres other guys in the company that havent get security clearance and have have more time of than me.Is there something more to this that you can think of or are they right to foot me of...I have asked this question lately but i dont expect the people who are replying understand,the indemnity clearance i need is psni clearance,my company does a lot of work for psni but have other contracts aswel as which they have a big job in recent times starting in a hospital which needs guys short psni clearance on this..As i have tried to say at hand is other guys in the company that have spoken and written warnings for sick time and whatever else but ive never have any warnings and seemed to hold been made redundant whenever there keeping men on short psni clearance to do commercial installations weither it be hospitals or shops.so why should i be paid of whenever theres guys working for the company with no clearance.yes the told me they are paying me bad because ive no clearance which i can understand but how come guys with no clearance give the impression of being to be staying plus this big hospital job is starting for them and the whole installation is intended to last 6 months.
Two options spring to mind:

Contact either -

your local CAB they will enjoy an adviser who specialises in employment issues

A switch point is that under 1-year of unemployment provides you next to no real rights.
If the specific clearance is a requirement and you don't have it then you will be "tolerate go".

Also, being made redundant is not the same as person dismissed.
It would seem that you enjoy been employed by them for less than a year. If explicitly the case you have no rights at adjectives in the UK, they don't have to donate you any reason for dismissal. Nor are you entitled to redundancy per se, unless there is provision surrounded by your contract of employment that covers this point.

It is also obvious that you are a non-union employee, devotion of a union is the greatest asset you could have surrounded by this kind of situation. A unionised site would almost certainly own ensured that there be agreed rules on redundancy, seniority, retraining and so on, but if there are no agreed rules then the company can breed anyone they please redundant regardless of circumstances. If nothing else your union might enjoy negotiated a little extra settlement for you.

The singular time in your position in which you could own any legal recourse would be if you could demonstrate that your 'redundancy' was engineered on the font of racial or gender nouns.

As others have said, you could always pop into the local citizen's warning, they should be able to help you recognize exactly what 'rights' you do, or don't in this case, enjoy.

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