Is it lawful for a 16 and a 28 year prehistoric to hav sex together?

it's never legal to 'hav sex together' where do you contemplate you are? tie-land or something..
This is a very loaded give somebody the third degree, but I would say it depends on what Country you live in. You should be more detailed so we can check the appropriate law. Then if your a guilty of some sexual violations we can report you to the proper authorities.
technically having sex lower than the age of 18 is considered rape, but whatever floats your boat I assume. No, but I wish it be.
What kind of sex is hav sex? It is as long as they are not conversation to or texting each other and are at least fifty miles apart for the duration of the sex.
Shocking the ignorance of some of these answers.

It depends on the laws of the country where the sex take place and the gender of the people. In ENGLAND (not necessarily the UK - vary by country, believe it or not) it is legal, as the age of consent is 16 for straight and gay sex.
I always thought in the UK you have to be 16 for it to be legal. Its rape if your under 18 if your a guru or something
Yes it is.
The age of consent in the UK is 16 so it is immaculately legal for a 16 year old to hold sex with someone of any age over 16 be they 16 or 60.
Yes. It's fine. UK (not sure about Ireland) age of consent is 16.
It depends on the country they are contained by. See the list in the intermingle... Source(s):
It would be considered statutory rape as the 16 year matured is under the age where they can properly consult to having sex.
no its not my bf is 18 and im 16 and we both cant have sex

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