How long are you entitled to hold on to an item for after ahead surrounded by court?

I bought an item off ebay and it was inaccurate. So we took the guy to court and won. We got the money through but it has be over 4 weeks and the other party has not collected the item however.

We wish to get rid of the item as it have no use to us but how long are we lawfully inclined to keep it?
The other carnival has not relinquished ownership if they paid the court verdict, and if the item is mailable then you should send it and finishing the hassle, if it is a large item send the personality a certified letter and give them 30 days to pick it up and save explain to them that you will dispose of it as an abandoned item, they may not want it if it doesn't work.
You have a decriminalized duty to take reasonable strictness of the goods, but 4 weeks to collect sounds a bit long. Write to the vendor and hold on to a copy saying that unless they collect within, voice, 7 days you will dispose of the goods as abandoned. After 7 days (I would will it another 7 to be safe) you can dispose of the faulty goods. Send the message by Special Delivery (not Recorded) and keep the proof.

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