Access prevention - grandparents - UK?

Is there any way that a court issue can prevent a grandmother seeing or attempting to see their grandchild if the grandmother have shown hostile and abusive behaviour towards the child? And also, what would take place if parents were to die without disappearing instructions for the care of minors? Any help would be much appreciated.
I'm contained by the UK btw
Grandparents have no right in imperative to see their grandchildren unless they are guardians appointed by a Court. The child's parents have absolute discretion as to who may and may not hold access until the child is 16. If a grandparent behaves in an extreme posture, a Court can issue a restraining order, although Courts are reluctant to get involved contained by petty family squabbles.

If a child's parents die before he is 16 and no other arrangements enjoy been made, a local authority will take an interest. However, as we've see recently, local authority Social Services departments cannot always be relied upon to provide a surefire service.
You do not need a court to prevent grandparents' access, as they own no right to access anyway and all you need to do is prevent them from getting access to the children. If they are hostile, later you can ask for an injunction for harassment (like you would if they were harassing you).

Regarding your annihilation, if you have not made a will you should do so ASAP. Do not use these pre-written wills from supermarkets or banks, as they come beside some nasty clauses attached which can cause problems for your relatives. Spend the lb150 and be in motion to a solicitor.
Grandparents have absolutely NO rights over their grandchildren unless they are specifically given by the courts.

If the parents do not want the grandparents to see or own access then that is it.
If the grandparents don't agree later they must go to court and attempt to get this access. The courts would NOT give in this unless there were special circumstances involved.

If the parents be to die with no instructions then the state would pinch the kids into care.
Any relatives who wanted to attention for them would have to apply.
Yes. The grandparents have no rights whatsoever under the decree. You can simply get a court injunction restraining them from approaching you or your child.

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