Why is America so early to lock it's citizens even for the smallest offense?

America is quick to throw you in send to prison
So the americans can settle more taxes and the government can get rich.That's the function why America is corrupted and 9/11 was a inside job.That's the truth. Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezIU6ZxYU…
America throws people contained by jail because secretly, America wishes to pitch in the big leagues. The just way America can make it is to practice, practice, practice. If America doesn't throw ample people in detention centre, it'll NEVER make it on the Yankees! Why don't you want America to make it surrounded by the majors? It's the American dream...
The rationale is if you lock a criminal up for a long time it prevents him breeding
well, let's take texas for example. we built a huge 150000 bed prison system because the federal courts made us. texas prisons be simply too brutal and the fed courts said fix it! in the tight time, we had to dump out all kind of bad guys who raped and pillaged the entire state. the federal courts said our prisons were over crowded and they be right. it was cruel and unusual. BUT we were releasing lifers convicted of rape and murder on life span sentences after about a year in lock up.

also, during this same period the death sentence be done away with by the supreme court. death sentences be commuted to life and because of over crowding "life" meant something like five years.

enter kenneth, i can't remember his last name. he have already killed and raped three children and his death sentence be commuted to life and he was out within six years. well, ken went on a rape murder torture spree that still make me sick when i think of it. this guy would slowly torture his rape victims over days before they died.

anyway, texas said THAT'S ALL! THAT'S IT! NOBODY EVER GET'S OUT! we complied beside all the federal laws and spent roughly a billion dollars on a huge prison system,

shoot, in texas you do day for daylight. forget parole! i did 3.5 on a 5 for a simple DWI. now we have to hold on to our prisons full. you know?

since the old days the death sentence have been reinstated by the supreme court, and we kill 'em, guilty nor innocent. it's unchecked! texas is tough on crime.

if you come to texas, be nice. yes sir no ma'am and get out as soon as possible. don't risk it! were style of evil, but in a nice way.

btw, as a side details, kenneth what's his name was executed surrounded by the death house in huntsville, texas. thank GOD!
it depends on what you think a "small" offense is.

personally i approaching it when criminal are in jail and not living rough victimizing others.
Depends more on the state and locality. Here surrounded by Texas we're kinda the "hang 'em" state, but most of that descends from the whole frontier mentality... and modern politics. Those who suggest shifting laws are too often described as self "soft on crime" here.
not even close...we have thousands of criminals that obtain off scott free..matter of reality our justice system is more for the criminals than for the victoms
Exactly, if you're put in send to prison over something that you may think is "simple" it may deter you from doing anything REALLY bad.
-Because There's Jobs & Money in Building & filling- Prisons... :(
because Amerika hate it's people
I wonder what sort of crime you consider "the smallest offense"?

Personally, I don't think you know what you are talking almost; the criminals over here have got it made. People are so "politically correct" in our time that even murderers are out walking the streets and not only should be locked up by sent to a gas chamber after their 'first offense'. The criminals know how to work the system and call the ACLU if they be aware of their rights have been infringed upon.There freshly isn't enough room in our jail and prisons to accommodate all of the slime bags that have need of to be locked up and NOBODY wants a prison built in THEIR neighborhood. There's a motto that covers that mindset: "Not In My Back Yard" shortened to 'NIMBY'.
would seem you lately lack the brain capacity... Because that's how we roll.
Don't mess next to us.

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