Feeling guilty after cybersex?

Hi - I had cybersex for the first time; I guess I just required to know what it was like. I'm 18, and I didn't make a contribution out any personal information and I didn't go on webcam or anything, and I had a devout time if I'm being brutally honest, but now I consistency quite guilty and sort of ashamed, like I shouldn't own done it. I mean in genuineness, I actually have a vastly traditional view of sex (I've never done it but I always view it as something loving and passionate) and I am a 'good girl', I don't drink, smoke, go out with boys or any of that. I be thinking it might just be curiosity getting the better of me, but now I'm not sure. I quality like I've done something wrong - have I?
Your young and curious and horny, so you did nothing wrong
i find it wrong when girls your age jump out and have sex with different guys every week
don't surface ashamed a lot of girls masturbate in their teens

however cyber is a lil strange...
You are wrong to deny your physical needs. You are human. Meet your needs, or you will find yourself not a hundred percent, both in the body and in the chief.

Good luck. No more feeling guilty.

PS: No one likes or respects "Good Girl". That is compliment for your dog, not for human mortal. Don't be that girl. Meet your needs.

You deserve fair treatment contained by sex. Equal rights.
Wrong? no. But maybe a bit weird.
You won;t move about to hell for it. This is not the best place to discuss this since no matter where you stir, the internet is full of perve. Just learn from this lesson and not do it again.
its one and only wrong/illegal if you did the cybersex with a minor if not, next youre fine i guess
You're fine. Nothing wrong with it at adjectives. Of course, if it makes you feel that mortified, maybe it just isn't your item. You shouldn't force yourself to do things you don't like, and don't have to do. There's zilch morally wrong with trying new things, though, so long as they don't injure you or anybody else, which this didn't.

So keep doing it if you liked, it, and stop if you didn't. It's totally up to you.

Even if you do establish to continue, you're still a good girl. You harmed not a soul with your cybering, but you did share a pleasurable experience with someone who required one, and what you did sounds relatively risk-free compared to in-person sex. Now, if you were giving away personal details or going on a webcam, that would be different, because it would put you surrounded by danger. But good girl doesn't have it in mind asexual girl. You're still good.

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