Can i sue private coup¨¦ contractor?

i bought a used that had crashed before ,have a lot of mechanical problems. when i join the guy he told me its clean title and never been happenstance. Also he told me it doesn't have any problems. I believed him because he owns auto repair.Day after i got the coup¨¦ i went to mechanic shop to check out.Then mechanic told me i need replace catalytic converter which cost me 3000 bucks and other desperate thing is if don't change catalytic converter i can't adapt title in my name.Also the guy is not going to compensation my money. i tried to talk to him but he hang out on me.This is my first time buying saloon Also my parents really pissed off. What should i do ?
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if he told you there zilch wrong he desived you but if he warned you and told you there are some problems " as is " your screwed... if he mention you a 10 light of day warranty that can count... but other than that sue em!! Source(s): none, years of watching people cort.
First of adjectives you should never, ever buy a car with out you private mechanic so he can see if the coup¨¦ has any damage (mechanics know everything!). Second, do you own any receipt or equivalent with dealer name/address printed on it? Third do you have witness that can proof the dealer never told you the motor was in an disaster or damage? If you have al that and pics as expected you can sue the dealer. Go ahead don't loose you money does kind of dealer must be on jail.
If the guy put adjectives that in writing then yes.
You should enjoy brought it to your mechanic before you bought it.
You will not win. It's not the dealers scorn you didn't check it out.
You can sue ANYONE for ANYTHING as long as you hold
1) an attorney
2) backup facts
3) in your case, proof that HE sold you the vehicle and proof that he knew it was screwed up.
Lick your wounds and chalk it up to experience. Not a damn thing you can do to the guy excluding spread the word around town and on the net (reviews) that he is a crook (only if he is a dealer). Check out small claims court in your state if he is a private individual.

Next time, enjoy a mechanic inspect the car BEFORE you buy it, or buy it with a warranty.Your parents should be pissed, you screwed up. Had you NOT added the catalytic converter, you couldn't convert the title (assuming the other mechanic is right), which might enjoy been the best thing for you. Source(s): experience
report this to your state attorney generals office
First of all, masses states have a mandatory 30 day return length for cars. Check to see if your states is one of them if you're within the 30 days or attempted to return the car in the 30 days. Contact attorney general's office about him failing to appropriately register the accident on the car's title. Next time you buy a car product the sale contigent upon you having an outside mechanic examine the vehicle. One that isn't affilitated near the seller and whom you trust. Yes you have the RIGHT to sue. The tangible question is wether or not you have the evidence and anything else that may be requisite to actually WIN the case and trademark it worth your while. Contact a local attorney and have all of your evidence powerfully organized to present to the attorney so he/she can tell you wether or not you have a winnable overnight case they are willing to take on. Many attorneys will make a contribution you a free initial consultation. You say your parents are pissed off so I'm going to assume you are a minor. Being your first time buying a motor your parents should have been near to assist you and see that your inexperience wasn't taken advantage of. (which it obviously have been) Warn all your friends/family about this bleak car dealer! Good Luck!

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