What are our legally recognized rights - broken equipment within a hired room?

My band has be practising in the back room of a pub where on earth there is a little venue. Some of the equipment have been broken, but it definitely wasn't us.
When using the equipment one of the guys attempted to use it - contained by the way it should be used and not in a mode that would break - when it wouldn't turn on. He didn't think it was broken, a short time ago that he wasn't using it properly, and stopped using it. He didn't go to tell the guy who owns the pub nearly it because he didn't think it was broken. Now the guy think that we have broken and is demanding that we pay for it. There is CCTV contained by the room so I don't understand how he can blame us - we weren't doing anything wrong! We don't pay to use the room and it's not contracted.
What are our lawful rights? Can he force us to pay for it?
He kindly tolerate you use the room and equipment. Equipment which he thought was fine turns up broken. You didn't tell him that you'd tried to use it but fatefully it didn't work. It's something that most not-guilty people would mention immediately (as within stick your head out of the room and ask him if he knew it's not working), only so the nice pub owner would be aware of it. It's his stuff and presumably he wants it to be working. He'd want to know. You don't say how long this practising have been going on.

Well, you have 2 choices.

One: you do not pay cheque for the equipment, make him sue you if he wants the money. He will hold to prove it was you who broke it. Your word v. his. That way, you may (or may not) win. (The nouns member may not be telling the truth, you know.) But, for sure, your trimming will need another place to practice. And you will probably never get to play at that venue.

Or, if it doesn't cost much, fix the dang point and keep practicing. And now it (whatever it is) will be fixed and you can use it. And you acquire a reputation for being responsible people.
You enunciate you didn't pay to use the room yet you be in a 'hired room'. How's that? Also, if you were simply allowed to use the room and one of you tried to use the equipment, you may be breaking the agreement for its use. The CCTV is it was on will show that.

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