Court command for rent arrears?

i had a eviction letter yesterday because im within arrears with my rent with the council, i owe lb900 and can reward it next week. will i still get evicted because its very soon gone to the courts?the hearing isnt till 21st december... HELPPPP!
You should be fine. Once you make the settlement, the solicitors will cancel the court date. Once they say they've done that you'll want to verify with the court just within case. If the case does not dance away you'll only need to show up beside proof that you are in good standing.

Everything's going to be fine.

You might also double check that you don't own to pay extra fees because the case have already been filed. No use thinking you're mired and then getting a bill for a small amount, causing the casing to move forward. No big deal, just cover your butt.
if you money it next week you will be fine, don't worry

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