Need counsel give or take a few something bought online. Need to know my rights!!?

bought an item from carphone warehouse. It was in stock and they hold taken the money out of my account. Next day, told not and stock and probably won't be again. So annoyed because I could hold bought the item elsewhere in the meantime, but now they are out of stock too. What are my rights, can I ask for an item of better value (about lb40 more?) as it was their slate?
Just a refund, but if you were charged postage, receive sure you get that back too.
Just a repayment of your monies paid I'm afraid, Just as much as your right to return it if it wasn't fit for purpose within a positive period of time.
I can understand your anger, and would suggest writing them a memo (head office) to this effect and see what they come back with.
You can ask, but they can eliminate.

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