Seriously pis**d of, how to clear a complaint?

I live in a suburb of Dublin.
As ya all know tonight be Halloween, so there was an increased amount of garda/police.
The dark started off as normal everyone brought their children past its sell-by date trick 'r treating. I then had a body in my house for all of the children. The nouns became quite, At just about 9pm there were three citizens on the green area just across from my house warfare, about 15 garda cars arrived. A few of the people from my celebration went out onto our lawn to see what be happening. One of the men went out to ask what happen, and he was told to f**k off wager on home. Here is exactly what he said back : "Don't talk to me approaching that, in-case you ******* forgot you work for all of us and we have the right to know whats happening" - another garda walk over and also told him to go away. He walked support over to my lawn and said "Do you see how that dick is treating me" - 12 garda came over to my front entrance where on earth my guest was now standing near his 2 children - and started complaining and threatened to arrest him he replied to them - "Just go away, I'm here with my children and I don't obligation this" - He then went to waddle into my house and a guard pulled him back, pushed him onto the ground and handcuffed him. They refuse to tell him what he was person arrested for, during this one of the children (only 9 years old) ran over to his dad, a guard pushed him, he fall on the ground and busted his director. They just left the child nearby and took the dad. His wife had to take the child to the hospital. The also smacked my guests chief off the garda cars door when he was getting within - not resisting arrest!! Not to mention they ruined my lawn by driving a car onto it! All of this is caught surrounded by my cctv system - with sound. So what I want to know is if near is anything that I can do about this?
I'd call contained by Father Jack Hackett and tell them to all feck bad.
Oh my god, that is an utter disgrace. The GardaĆ­ should not behave in such a carriage. I live on the northside of Dublin and there were a few GardaĆ­ around the place but nil like that happened.

The leading point of contact would be the Garda Ombudsman. All the information is on

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