Harrow Council is abuse cctv cameras to issue PCNs. snap shot if stop on yallow smudge. any one be a subject?

If a driver momentarily stop to drop a passenger, a snap shot of the car is taken as an evidence to issue PNC. If one disputes the PCN, they say you can appeal against it. But, you could not appeal against it during discount time of year of 14 days. You can only appeal against it one it goes up to lb120. I ruminate it's blackmail.
Mansfield Council uses cameras too to catch shoppers who stay more than 2 hours.

It is a good concept to always appeal against a parking ticket. You might have valid grounds, also once the appeal is sent, the clock is reset for the doubling the fine to when they reply to you. If nil else, for about 30 pence, you are making them work for their money, the robbing bas****s.

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