Legal requirements for a reception?

Ive done some casual work for a local businessman.
He has asked for a getting for the money he is paying me.
I have no problem with that, however I am not a registered company.
What are the minimum legally recognized requirements regarding receipts?
IE apart from the amount paid what else do I hold to write on the receipt.
The amount is for lb400.
All you need is the date, the amount, and brief details of the work carried out. To be legally enforceable it must be printed, typed or foot written in permanent ink, receipts surrounded by pencil have no legal acceptability.
"Received from John Smith the sum of lb400-00 (four hundred pounds) in respect of painting works at 123 Any Street.

Your identify and address
Your signature"

should do the trick. It's mainly for his accounts, so he can show where the money go.
There is no "legal" requirement for a receipt at adjectives - unlike a VAT invoice issued by VAT registered businesses.

Assuming the businessman wants it to prove he has spent the money for levy purposes, it needs to identify who did the work and what the work was. So, from a adjectives sense point of view the receipt should include:
The date you be paid.
Your name and address.
The work done / stock supplied (and possibly the dates you did it).
Who you did the work for - eg the businessman's name and address.
How much you hold received.

Btw, you now need to emphasize this income and pay tax on the profit you made on the post.

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