How do I Take Legal Action Against an Alien Who is Not (Technically) "Human"?

An alien spaceship has caused by BMW considerable harm after this big Spaceship attached to the roof of my car without my concurrence and took me to the Outer Space for about 2 minutes. This incident was witnessed by the NASA specialists but they haven't issued any statement almost this since the accident happened stern in 1988.

I now want to sue the aliens but do I entail to know the following details when filling in the documents at the local court:

1) The pet name of the Galaxy they came from;
2) The name of the planet
3) Who be the Chief-Alien driving the Flying Saucer
4) What were the number plates of the spaceship and their registration number with the Inter-Galactic Motor-Flying-Vehicles-Agency?
For a full explanation please write to Gordon Brown, beside all the details. He seems to be individual blamed for everything else that's going wrong!
So is NASA trying to say that alien exists?

Can they only make up their mind, can you believe that they have found a alien planet that people can live on or something like that. They said that it have water and breathable air.

Anyway I wouldn’t earnings them much attention if I was you; they'll just excess your time by changing their mind all the time.
Sorry, but they enjoy diplomatic immunity.
the movie "suing God" with Billy Connely, might give you some hints

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