My dad stole money from charity, what should i do?

i went away with the army for a week and come home to find that my dad (whom im living with) has stolen around lb40 of sponsorship money i have raise and out in a draw in my room. he said he be going to put it back with out me notice, and when asked what he needed it for he replies he just didn't have any money. Any suggestions on what i should do??
kick him straight contained by the nuts
You could trust your dad to put it back? Ask him when he will be capable of put it back by. You could say "Listen, you know that sponsorship money? They are asking for it to be sent posterior by dd/mm/yyyy. Can you get the money back to me by (and select a couple of days or a week in the past!!) as I want to send it in untimely and get it out of the way?" This give him time and you time to sort things out.

I suspect your dad wouldn't have taken it without a virtuous reason so he must have be desperate. Why do you say 'stole' when it could simply be he needed to 'borrow' it? I'm sure if you were stuck for change and he had money around the house you would feel comfortable 'borrowing' it and recitation him later wouldn't you? He's family, trust him until he proves you wrong!!
i love how u articulate he stole money from charity..

Really this question is nothing similar to the title.. Ur dad must of payed for u for ages as u was growing up getting u lots of crap u didnt need and he cant lend a 40?..

Sad... simply sad...
it may indicate your dad's in trouble financially?

it may be he actually go snooping for money?

He could have genuinely needed to borrow it and know u had it there, thinking nought of it

as long as he gives it back i wouldn't verbs.

only u can judge for sure
Give your dad a fate to pay the money back. Obviously his intention be not to steal the money but to borrow it. It wasn't the right way to go just about it but since this is your dad who you live with and who is probably supporting you to some extent I don't see how anything positive could come out of reporting the incident to the police or anyone else. This is a family issue. Keep it near.
see if he give it back, if he was merely borrowing cause he was skint and you receive it back whats the problem? its if he doesnt give it subsidise you have the issue, he's your dad you shouldnt mind helping him out
get him to pay you support

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