Would a firearms card be given to someone next to a history of non-psychotic depression?

On antidepressants over the last 12 years, and being successfully manage over this time. One suicide attempt in 1991.

Most likely to shoot the rabbits that get through his runner bean plants.
You hold more chance of getting a firearms certificate as i enjoy as being able to fly to the moon contained by a london bus.

You say " most likely to shoot rabbit " what else be you concidering shooting ?
if your asking if you'd qualify for a concealed take permit, probably not but you'd have to check your state law, in some you'd be required to submit a Doctor's note.

on some purchase forms they individual require that you have not been hospitalized for depression.
If applying for a licence you'd need a doctors certificate.

In street lamp of the earlier suicide attempt, if known, this may be a defence to refuse.

Loaded forearms and depression do not make apt companions in my experience. Source(s): I'm a lawyer

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