What am I entitled to?!?

I have two children and up until recently own been single and raising them on my own. I enjoy now met someone but we do not live together yet. Now that I am surrounded by a relationship am I required to tell the social wefare? Will it affect my One Parent Family Allowance and if so what else would I be entitled to??..... unemployment assistance or something?
You are entitled to find a job, pay your process in the world and teach your children how to behave.
Officially you lone have to tell social services if he be to live with you, but be careful roughly anyone trying to tell social services that he is living with you some of the time or giving you financial give a hand, whether it's true or not.
You in recent times need to be careful that he doesn't stay over too normally, I think he's allowed 3 days a week (you'd have to check near your local council), but if he stays longer then technically he is living with you, even if he's singular there Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
You don't need to notify anyone anything, as far as they're concerned you're still single unless he moves in. Source(s): I had a similar situation.
Get a Job......& some self respect.......(look it up)......

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