How do i obtain the court to not forfeit access to my child for my ex?

my ex has tried to kill me various times and beat me every day. he did this surrounded by front of our children.
he has been institutionalised but they tolerate him out for bed spaces. he is a heavy drug user and nearly died from use. he up until a year ago used to ring me regularly threatening to kill me and my partner.

he have at times said he has urges to kill me and my kids that he cant control. he poos himself adjectives the time. he rang me one night asking me to stow him from the police because he thinks he killed someone. he have blackouts where he does extremely violent things completely epidemic no matter where he is and dosent remember anything when he comes round. he once made me bite the kerb close to in american history ex and i only missed getting my skull smashed because of a endorsement security guard.
he has never compensated any maintenence nor have i sought it . he hasnt seen my kids contained by 3 years but has admitted stalking us.

he howls at the moon and is a enormously dangerous man.
he has very soon said he wants access to one of oour children and i will do all i can to stop him .
can anybody push for how to do this ? i am in uk.
i cant believe that for one second, just remember one entity, you were making love to this alleged 'insane monster' and had 3, yes 3 children beside him. I bet if he really was a mad and uncertain as you say you wouldnt have even met near him(or even felt attracted to him), shared a meal, home and a bed and your body for so long to create children!. Let him see the children and you be within too, then you wont be wondering, better still meet up somewhere thats child centre, alternatively you could confuse your children even more by telling them that your current transient boyfriend is their 'daddy' and really mess them up. ably done, sounds like your doing a great job, you nouns more barking than he does!
If he is a threat to you or your partner, complain to the police. If they won't act, you can return with a restraining order not to approach you or contact you. If he ignores that, he will be sent to prison.

In the nothingness of a court order, you can refuse to agree to him see your children. He could go to court to ask for access rights, but you would have the opportunity to intent. If you can convince the court that what you have said in this put somebody through the mill is true, they won't grant access.

If you can afford a lawyer, gain one. If you can't, go and see Citizens Advice.
Get legal guidance immediately.

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