Why be the French ruling on religious items within state school enforced?

i.e health and safety?
The French President held emergency meeting over an Identity crisis.
The result be they found out the Majority of Muslims failed to integrate into their country.
The German Chancellor has said impossible to tell apart thing.
So the French thought of ways to integrate them and came up near the Burka ban.
They say it be for security, they said that because Sarkozy would have be branded Racist if the truth came out.

The concept of 'Separation of Church and State' is much more fiercely enforced within France, I think, since they hark back to the French Revolution when the Monarchy and Church held such a stranglehold on the populace. The pendulum swung away from that and over to a clear separation and school are a State Entity in France. Source(s): French History
Because surrounded by France there is a distinct separation between state and church.
Your question make no sense. It was enforced because it was the directive. Did you intend to ask why the LAW was written? The answer to that is religious bigotry.

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