Right in a minute - i own plenty cannibus for 2 joint, its within my poession - is that 'illegal' ?

i just dont feckin understand the 'big deal' tbh beside you.

my mental state of mind is more at danger under the influence of alcohol than cannibus, irony of it adjectives is - when i smoke cannibus im the kindest human being on the planet and it makes me have a feeling so optimistic, upbeat and relaxed.

alcohol just make me talk b/s in wealth, and befriend complete and total strangers heh

but - lets get one entity straight.

uk law says - even a tiny amount contained by possession = Illegal right ?
If you are within San Francisco no one cares in the order of what you smoke. Cannibus is smoked in the open even at the globe games. Is it legal? No it is not, but yet San Francisco is more break open and people sit in the parks and bar to smoke it.

OMG, I need to vote tonite and one of them to vote for is legalizing the use of marijuana.
(Explanation of the changes surrounded by the law on cannabis)

On 29th January 2004, cannabis had be reclassified from a Class B to a Class C drug in the UK, but as of Jan 26th 2009, the meddling politicians reclassified it subsidise to Class B. And they wonder why people get confused!
Here's a summary of what reclassification mode:

If you are under 18, you will be arrested and given a formal warning.
Up to 5 years within jail for possession
Up to 14 years in intern for supplying or dealing

It's still illegal
If you are under 18, you will be arrested and given a formal reproving
Up to 2 years in jail for possession
Up to 14 years surrounded by jail for supplying or dealing

Cannabis is still illegal., and the maximum cost for possession is five years in jail. Source(s): google it
You're going to entail more than that to cope with Roy Hodgson leading LFC away from any silverware.
Any amount is unsanctioned! 2 spliffs will just get taken away, and a word of warning, most more than likely.
Having puffed for 30 years, it is not the police I worry just about, it is the doctor! Not great news to hear when he tells you your duration expediency. Source(s): Alcoholic, and used many illegal substances.
Probably not.

Will it turn your brain to mush?

Almost certainly Source(s): I work as a co-ordinator providing support for people beside Mental Health problems, if it wasn't for Cannabis I would be out of a job.
nah dude its devout in the uk one kilo is illegal

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