How do u apply for a council flat?

My friend's parents have told her to get out of the house. She is jobless and is on work seeker's allowance. Where she should be going immediately for immediate shelter if she doesn't want to live next to her parents anymore now?

Should she be applying for a council flat or something else to get shelter straight away?

council houses take years to get, and a single character will be way down on the list.

i assume the option for her is to find a rented flat/house and apply for housing benefit, she should be able to find out how to do it at the opening centre or citizens advice bureau (google it, it's free suggestion CENTRE).
She should go straight to the local council and register on thier housing list, ill-fatedly there is a high emergency for council properties and some waiting list are up to 3 years long depending on your area. In the tight time it may pay to look up some homeless night shelters and looks for your local branch of the YMCA. The YMCA can back with accomodation for up to 2 years. I hope she finds somewhere it worries me to think of a childish girl on the streets on her own. Source(s): Ive been here.
The are two options:

She can put her self on the housing record which is to get a council however this can take years as those who are priority carry a house/flat first.


She can go the homeless persons part department within the council and tell them she's be thrown out. However there is no guarantee that they will find her accommodation as they here this story ALL THE TIME and so fairly often turn people away. However if she beneath 16 then it is more than likely that find her something (although it is expected to be some skanky hostel)

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