In uk canon, is culpability alike as responsibility?

Entirely different. Let me give you an example.

Man falls from a scaffolding on a building site.
The site owner is responsible for the site.
But he may not be culpable for the misfortune. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
A very strong answer from JZD and a good argument. But if the drip was due to an act of negligence on the slice of the site owner, then he is very much responsible for the stroke of luck and culpable insofar as health and safety rules apply. So within this example the site owner can be both responsible and culpable, when presenting the argument, you need to decide which word will hold the most impact on the jury. The two words have entirely different meanings, but can and do own direct connotations in a law court. A devout lawyer can give the words outstandingly similar meanings.
No. Culpability is the fact of having committed an resentment. The word responsibility does not imply any offence. While you might describe a character as being responsible for having done something, at hand is no necessary implication that he is at defect for doing it.

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