What would you do,im within an awful mess?

Back in january i stupidly got conversation to a woman via facebook,she told me about her life,in the region of being unhappy next to her marriage & stupidly i developed feelings for her tho we are both married,i met her once and we only just talked,then another guy appeared on her fb details and started to blackmail me,saying he would bring all messages i have sent her to my wife if i didnt pay him lb1400.i asked her about this and she become nasty and also issued threats to me,2 weeks ago her husband came to my door motto he was getting divorced and gave my wife copies of adjectives messages i had sent to her & that i was man named as 3rd party surrounded by divorce. I swear i never slept with this woman but my wifes heart is now broken and im hunch so depressed,i hate myself,i was sent annihilation threats by this other guy she was seeing on mt mobile but i deleted them after i hadnt hear from them for months thinking they were leaving me alone,self told them id lost my job and couldnt afford to income,i told mt wife id never met her which is a lie and disquiet what will happen if she finds out i did even though i was single talking,will i end up within court over their divorce? will i have to pay legalized fees?my family are torn apart over these peaople and im so sorry,ive left facebook very soon as i can never trust anyone again,ive never cheated on my wife b4 and i love her so much but ive hurt her now and wish i be dead,please advise me,i dont want to be in motion to the police and have this blown up in the loacal papers,i live contained by n.ireland so uk law applies,please tell me what u deduce
First and foremost you and your wife inevitability to go to couples counseling so that the two of you can repair the damage done over this total thing to your marriage.

Next, if these race contact you again threatening you then you should seek the suggestion of a lawyer. Find out if they are indeed divorcing. Or if what they have done is a scam. Which is what it sounds similar to to me. If that is what they are doing then you and your wife necessitate to decide whether to file a report around them committing fraud and threats of blackmail. I'm sure blackmail is illegal even in North Ireland. Or if you a moment ago reply to them to stop their harassment. Stating you have made consultation to find out your rights and your attorney is awaiting instruction from you to draw up the paperwork to bring charges against them.

Good Luck
It really depends on your wife. You didnt sleep with the being but your intentions were to sleep with her right? or why even bother. They probably set it adjectives up from the beginning just to bring back money out of you. Carma's a trip huh? Your wife may forgive you but she will never forget.
If I be you I would keep all those unresponsive threats they had sent to you and take them to the police. And report your wife the truth, including the meeting you have lied something like.

It really wasn't your fault... don't let the repulsive people win and make you depressed.

OMG be in motion to the police! It isn't just about your kith and kin, it's about you! Your wife, your marriage, and almost those guys preying for the next victim! Go to the police! Can't you see how depressed you are?
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...what comes around, goes around... you reap what you sow !

Its not a mess.............

First of all, the man and the woman can be charged by police near extortion. Its against the law to blackmail and intimidate. Also, will mean within their divorce court, the judge will see they acted as a team to extort money out of you. who is to speak they were not in on it togethor? Well at lowest the court will see it that way.

In regards to your wife. She desires to let the problem be in times past. No real damage have been caused. Because although you may enjoy had an emotional relationship beside this woman on some level . That is where it stopped.
Quite simply, she wishes to see it from a point of view that............Its only when you come so close to losing everything. That you really appreciate what you once have. Even though it had been in that in front of you the whole time.

You emotionally cheated and it is repairable. Different if you physically cheated.

Contact police and claim, the couple, worked as a squad to extort money out of you. Its highly possibly , you were not the first character this woman has cone into contact with. Even if she have no history of it. They still may have worked togethor on this , well at tiniest the claim can be made, to try and extort money from an unsuspecting gentleman.

Take control of the situation. the sun will shine tomorrow and you can repair whatever have been done. One day at a time.
Get your perform together, tell your wife the whole truth. Take the destruction threats to the police and make a formal complaint before these family do it to some other poor devil. My advice is to man up and face the consiquences of your movements. We all do stupid things from time to time. your not alone. Its how you come out of it that counts. chin up mate, good luck
Make sure you have copies of any threats they've issued to you. If the blackmail happened over facebook, within is obviously proof of what they said to you. Take a screenshot, don't just print out a transcript.

If there's no proof (photographs, hotel room bills, whatever)that you two have sex (which there won't be, since you didn't) they can't prove that you did anything wrong. Nothing physical happened, so while you did technically cross a column in the sense that it was excited infidelity, you did not commit adultery from a legal standpoint. it would be a good perception to go to the police, it won't end up contained by the papers unless you call them yourself, and it would be a good conception to file a report and have a diary of what's been going on. Not going to the police makes it look resembling you have something to hide, and since your wife already know what happened, you don't have anything to put away anymore.

Good luck with everything
My first thought is that within is no way they can blackmail you if your wife knows the full truth. What could they hope to achieve? They have no evidence surrounded by the way of pictures of you with her or anything approaching that, and so long as you tell your wife everything, they are snookered. BLackmail is a criminal offence, so you could bring it to the police, but I would suggest telling them that your wife knows everything so they are on a loser. GOod luck - Facebook have a lot to anwer for - horrid site.

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