What is the first record date of a workplace risk assessment?

Im researching the history of worklplace risk assessments and would like to know the time period they be first introduced and where if possible.
Og the caveman in the future noticed that he had a stick holding up his flint napping tent that be at risk of being knocked out, so he took the proactive choice to place rocks around it for peril notification and as a physical barrier.

I'm being facetious, but really, the use of workplace risk assessment be around for thousands of years before anyone named the practice.
12th December 1302 ad.

I have it in mind, come on.

Formal risk assessments (as they are re now understood) were introduced by the 1992 regulations. Companies who deal with them file them in cabinet, never to be seen again.

Let's assume Boggs & Co did one on 1st January 1992. Who, outside Bloggs & Co, would know about it? these things are not public documentation. You may as well ask "when was the first record job interview?" Source(s): I'm a lawyer
Think pay for to caveman days, when Oork said to Urrk, "Hey. You slip and die if dinosaur step on you down in mud. You hunt from up here."

First workplace risk assessment.

- Stuart
The 'Elf & Safety mob weren't the first to assume if it, man has being doing that for millennia.

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