Acceptable compensation (a) employment tribunal?

I am taking my ex employer an employment tribunal next week for deduction of foot (they took lb300 out of my wages for a course I went on that I didn't agree to) Non payment of a pay envelope rise ( This was verbal) And I worked 60 hrs a week without signing an opt out agreement.
I own received all documents the tribunal have sent me, surrounded by this there is no mention of compensation.
I have read on employment tribunal website you must bear with you what you would consider correct compensation.
So 2 questions - do I call for to take this with me?
And how do I work this out? I would demonstrably like the lb300 that was deduct from my wages, the pay rise that was given to me vocally ( which I understand I might not receive as only voiced although all of my previous pay rises be verbal and not written) But I am unsure how I would work out compensation for working too many hours?

Help much appreciated - hope that adjectives makes sense its quite complicated to explain
You do inevitability to take all that stuff near you.

You don't need to work out the compensation, the Tribunal will do it for you if they find in your show partiality towards.
Bear in mind you may be made an offer on the morning of the audible range by the employer (although unlikely) , so it'd be wise to have some opinion of what you're after.

Edit: Well - if all the othwr payrises were oral and consequently acted upon, it seem to me that if they say you'te to carry another one on date x, and you carry on working in the antciaoption they do, after you're in with a devout shout on proving they are in breach of contract by not paying you what the offered and you accepted. best of luck Source(s): I'm a attorney

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