Me and my ex enjoy split up.. What are his rights?

My ex boyfriend and i have split up we were never married and its our first babe i am now 13+1 weeks pregnant and im wondering what his rights are as im not sure i want him to see the baby.. definately not on his own at first as he be aggressive and violent when we were together?!?
Can someone lend a hand me xx
If he was so aggressive and uncontrolled, then why did you get pregnant near his child?

He has as much rights to the baby as you do. The courts will establish how much and what type of visitation he will get.
Try to see him in a differant reading light hes upset too. You say and do things you dont mean when your upset,hes his father to be precise the point arrange for him to visit his child keep an eye on him within time yourll feel better about it,after start to let him have over hours of darkness stays go for a weekend then a week away on holiday hs his child too,the more you save the child to your self the more the child will hate you you need the child to grow knowing his/hers father
I have two children with an slighting guy. There were charges filed against him.

Its SO complex, I HATE dealing with him on a daily proof and his aggression toward me has only slightly changed, and we own been divorced over a year.

He has NEVER be violent toward the girls and they love him very much. I grew up short a dad and it was terrible, read the stats on girls w/o dads: greater rate of suicide and failure in institution.

I think about how wonderful existence without his involvement would be every day. I cry over his *** still... I muse to myself I dont deserve to be treated like this by such an ignorant prick..... BUT, I can't transform the love between father and child. When they are older they will see the truth, but that is their truth to want.

Its no longer about you and him, its about your child. If he can prove that he is a loving Dad he deserves a hit and miss.

It wont be easy. Good Luck Source(s): my heart.
Unless you can prove a legitimate drive to the court why you don't want him to see the baby then you hold no choice, it is his baby too. So I would get some lawful advice right now previously the baby is born.
He will hold a right to see the baby and you cannot prevent that.

If you do not wish him to see the babe-in-arms alone you can go to court to attempt to make sure that he have only supervised visitation.
You had the right to be a shack up honey, what more do you want?
dont know sure youl conduct operations a way of ******* him up somehow

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