If they arrest someone who is British but not white would they be sued for doing so?

Lets say this person have actually done something wrong could they sue?

No. But within the US anyone can sue anyone, anytime, anywhere. But, if guilty, and arrested legally, he would not win in any court.

What could they be sued for? Wrongful arrest? The soul could always try but they would lose. If they are convicted in a criminal court of the crime they be arrested for, then suing in a civil court would result contained by the case being thrown out. Even if they weren't convicted, they would still lose within a civil court as the police would probably be able to show that they arrested the person contained by good faith believing that a crime have been committed - and they might even be arrested and put on trial again for the offence of wasting police time.
The British police are legally allowed to arrest anyone breaking the statute. Makes no difference what colour, race or creed. Every person contained by the UK has to abide by British law. Why would they sue?
If who arrest?

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