What if my flatmate steals from me when she moves out?

My flatmate is moving out tomorrow afternoon. I just told her (after a raging argument) that I'm not giving her the last week of her deposit rear, because she didn't give me enough distinguish. She's really not happy about this, and I'm a bit panicky going to work tomorrow now, because there aren't any locks on the rooms or anything, and what if she trashes the place, or steals from me? What genus of legal recourse would I have if she does, would I seize anywhere if I called the police and reported her?
i agree with Claire appointment in sick
Hopefully you've retained the rest of her deposit until she have gone?? This should be disincentive enough
you or someone else has to be in attendance.
can a friend or family member stand within for you
or if this isnt possible tell her she can have her deposit fund next week if the flat is in impeccable order, and nothing is missing or messed up, and if even a cup is broken she wont see a penny of her money again.
appropriate pictures of the rooms in your flat before and after on your mobile.

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