Do sia licence holders enjoy right of arrest?

What is an SIA licence holder?

In England there are two powers of arrest, one held by police officers and one by everyone else, which is commonly specified as citizens arrest. Whatever an SIA licence holder is they will have this general power of arrest.

A police officer can arrest if he believably suspects a crime has taken place or is about to whip place. He can then arrest any person who he as expected suspects is involved, in order to facilitate the investigation.

Any other citizen can arrest if a crime HAS taken place. They can arrest anyone they logically suspect is involved, in order to hold them until a police officer can transport over.

In all cases reasonable force can be used.
Just citizens arrest. If they see a crime self committed, they are entitled to detain the person until the police arrive, but be careful, it have been known for citizens to be charged with wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.

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