How do the does the electronic stub rules work for first offence? How much prison time will be served?

For example if a 12 months prison term is imposed would you get out after 3 month and do 3 month on label for a first offence?
Won't need prisons soon. Home will be one
The prison rules depend on which state you are in, and some have the program you are referencing some do not.

In the UK.

Home Detention Curfew

The Home Detention Curfew (HDC) hatch up applies to prisoners who are serving sentences of between three months and under four years. It allows prisoners to live outside of prison providing they do not breach the rules of their curfew and is designed to help prisoners prepare for energy after their release.

Risk Assessment
Prisoners will usually be considered for HDC unless they are statutorily excluded from the scheme. Prisoners on this scheme will be released between two weeks and four and a partially months before their automatic release date, depending on the length of the sentence. Prisoners who are statutorily excluded include those who own committed violent or sex offences who are currently serving an extended sentence below the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

Prisoners serving sentences for certain offences are “presumed unsuitable” for HDC, and will not be released unless the Governor agrees to their exceptional circumstances. This rule also applies to prisoners next to any history of sexual offending who are not already statutorily excluded from the scheme. HDC is not an entitlement and can only be granted subject to prisoners appointment the eligibility criteria and passing a risk assessment, including a home circumstances check.

Electronic tags
If a prisoner is to be released on HDC they must sign a licence which tell them the times they will have to remain at their home address or hostel; normally 7pm – 7am. On reaching this address, an electronic flap is fitted to the prisoner and monitoring equipment installed at the address by a private contractor.

If the prisoner breaks their curfew, the electronic tag will alert the contractors and the prisoner may be recalled to prison where on earth they will stay until their automatic release date. If they are recalled for breaching the HDC curfew conditions, they will not be released again on HDC either for the rest of their sentence or on any adjectives custodial sentences they may receive.

Sometimes a prisoner is recalled for reasons beyond their control (for example if they are incompetent to stay at the curfew address any longer). If this is the case they may be eligible to apply for re-release immediately upon their return to custody subject to another suitable address man located.

For more information, ring the HDC policy helpline on one of the following numbers: 0203 334 5043 and 0203 334 5044. Staff cannot comment on individual cases but can offer general proposal on the HDC process.
You only capture the electronic tag (ankle bracelet) if the judge make that part of your sentencing deal you can't want that yourself. 12 month sentence could mean 6 to 8 mouths in and after you're done (with no electronic tag) or you might serve no jail time and just 6 months beside the electronic tag (house arrest). It all depends on how dutiful your lawyer is and what kind of deal he can get you. Source(s): You can learn more at on how to stay out of prison completely or how to survive contained by prison if you are sentenced to serve time.

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