How do i war for a up to date decree to be passed (uk)?

if a parent who had custody of a child was antagonistic and put the kids in danger and have hurt them or commited continual domestic abuse to the other parent in front of the kids, hurting them if they achieve in the way m later social services would get involed and take the children away .
however if those parents are separated for some crazy rationale the courts actually do the complete opposite and in truth award the very same person beside access (albeit supervised...but that always becomes unsupervised inwardly 6-8 weeks as it is only a temp solution as long as for 1 hour each week while at the contact nub they can hide their violence ...which is fundamentally easy even for the hardest psychopath)
this is unbalanced and uncertain and also leads to yet another women stay near violent men because at least that style they can protect their children.
I would like the opportunity to attempt to change this situation by getting a unmarked law passed under the human rights European guidelines, which covers this and seem to be being ignored, however i dont know the first place to start.
any accepted wisdom ? thanks
The obvious place to start is your MP. Any MP can introduce a fresh law into Parliament. Or find a Lord who is interested in the issue - they can do one and the same thing.
Whilst I advocate no anger, usually violence works,

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