If girls don't approaching one picked up, why don't they record persecution cases?

If girls find them annoying, why don't they file harassment cases?
Either because they didn't consider what happened to them to be serious stalking or if they did they found it to embarrassing to admit that this have happened to them. They may also not want to go to anyone because they are afraid of the "Well what did you do to wreak this to happen" response.
It's likely that the behaviour, while unwanted and annoying, does not rise to the smooth of an action that can be punished through criminal or civil means. There's a pretty strong protection for speech beneath most western legal systems, and harassment would probable have to be sustained/threatening/clearly a cause of significant distress to be truly illegal.
most women do like to be picked up depends if she like you or not if she does not after she'll blank you and walk away. not everything needs a ruling suit
Well, in one of your posts you claim to be 25....
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So what's that make you? Source(s): Nice profile you've got near.
Generally (at most minuscule in the States), there have to be a continuing pattern of conduct established before it's aggravation.

That means they would have to relay you "no," and then you would have to verbs trying despite their rejections for a while. Source(s): 10+ years Law Enforcement
picked up? if someone tries to pick up a girl and the girl doesnt like it, why not just transmit them to go away? its much easier.
Think of how many cases that would be. Source(s): me

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