Should the retirement age be lowered, as unwilling be raise?

I say this youth unemployment in a minute is the highest it has be for a long time.
No it should not. The longer someone is working the longer they paying into the retirement Soc Sec assistance program.
What the retirement age is actually roughly speaking in the UK is the age when the state retirement pension become payable. What any employer actually chooses to do is another thing. For instance the current state allowance age in the UK is 65 for men and 60 for women, but the Civil Service has have retirement at 60 for both sexes for many years (55 for prison officers). It just method that men who retire from the Civil Service don't get their state pension for 5 years after they retire. But the Civil Service allowance is a generous one so it works.

Any employer is free to employ any mature they like of any age. And some like elder employees. The failure of some youth to become employed is their own responsibility. So many think the world owes them a living.
I agree. Once someone reaches the age of 60 they should make route for young men who are trying to bring up new family. I think the French have it right. I be lucky enough to retire at sixty, and I'm glad I did. You have more busy time to enjoy......43 years of solid working is enough for any man, and Why should we stand surrounded by the way of the young up and coming family......We all know that there are individual ever a certain number of jobs to dance round.....The young are the future. Its roughly speaking time we all had a bit more bloody respect for their wants. Poverty in young family only leads to broken marriage and out of control children. The system that we have is socially corrosive. It wishes to be addressed.

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