Do you consider Guy Fawkes evil or not?

I don't- i consider the people he tried to blow up as evil
I think if he blew up the stinking parasite infested toilet that passes for parliament today he would be cheered and held aloft as a hero.
You throw around the word evil too freely. Fawkes may not even have been involved, the evidence would not stand up surrounded by a modern court. But in any event if he was, he be someone who believed in his own version of the approach the country should operate, just as those he targeted believed in THEIR vision. Neither group was 'evil'
When considering that he was not "evil" and those he tried to exterminate were, it is wise to take on in mind that he and the other 12 conspirators just needed to replace those that were to be murdered with exactly matching type of government just near a different religion.
Let's face it - blowing relations up is never particularly nice, but if you're doing it for the right reasons consequently maybe you're not evil. Maybe you're going about things the wrong mode, but that doesn't necessarily make you a bad soul.

In my opinion, no. Source(s): Apple source.
Yes- he attempted to commit mass murder of upwards of several hundred people. I have a handle on his motives, but that does not excuse the fact of what he tried to do. "Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot."
I do...if it weren't for that ****, my animals and everyone elses wouldn't hold to be nervous wrecks for about a week, during the formation of November!
I think he's awesome. And the ethnic group he tried to blow up are the evil ones. Source(s): I kick some people a moment ago to laugh, so deal near the fact that you can't handle me .
Yes, he be a terrorist.

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