Caught as a shoplifter ut here is a mistake i am not a shoplifter but adjectives evidence are against me what to do?

yesterday i was in store and bought some alcohol and i dont want to show my cousin that i get alcohol so i hide under the cloths when i come out i just blew the bill in to pieces and preserve going with my cousin after some time about an hour a progress i find that i didnt by any drink so i go back to like store and buy some soft drinks and when i was comming out a door supervisor come and stop me and said that i am hiding some stuff an alcohol bottle in my clothes i said yes its mine he said no you steal it from the store and thieve me to the office and asking me question i said its mine i be hiding it because i dont want to show this bottle to my cousin that i drink well he said we have your footage i said OK show me he said we cant show you he didnt send for the police he just take my describe , DOB, college name i am a international student in uk london he basically take me some details college name and student self number my address my name and my date of birth. he didnt take any signatures non of my self he kept with him and let me stir i dont know what gonna happen next they also took my stuff.
so the problem is that they found some piece in my clothes with out sale receipt so what can i do now . is near any criminal record are they going to give details to the police and dispatch me any court letter or fine letter or any salvage letter.

please help
No offence committed. It have to be proven - no police so no charge. They have to prove theft. However, you must be the first entity i have ever known who tears up their delivery.
In the uk you are still innocent until proven guilty.
It indeed sounds to me as if they have no proof - just a bit of circumstantial evidence, so you really should hold nothing to worry going on for.
If they have cctv they should definitely enjoy you on record actually purchasing the achohol.
If the police weren't called at the time to arrest you and charge you, it is unlikely that anything further will happen
If they had enough evidence and intended to prosecute, afterwards they would have detained you and called the police, they appreciably had no proof x
There seem to be 'porkies' here. If you had purchased the product, it would show up on the cash apparatus against the bar coding and is easily traceable. If NOT, you go through the check out without paying. Simple... (How come your cousin didn't see the bottle when you went through the check out...)? Source(s): A BNP contributor.
You are not going to be able show your innocence without paying a Lawyer a few dignified. Just pay the Civil Demand when it comes and let be lesson knowledgeable Source(s):
So, you put something surrounded by your pocket and then forgot to pay for it. I put stuff contained by my pockets quite often when I'm surrounded by a store... The staff goes nuts following me around as if they're gonna catch me. The things is that, I remember to verbs it out and pay for it when I get to the register because I don't want to pause up accused of stealing.

No big deal, you'll freshly have to do a weekend of community service and pay a fine, or something.
Sounds approaching you're lying, but if you're not and you bought it, they should have a copy of the receipt. If they don't own any proof that you stole it, then you shouldn't be convicted of stealing.
If they have camera evidence that you be there prior and you purchased that then within shouldn't be a problem. The court won't convict you without proper evidence.
Hahaha. So you expect people to believe that you bought alcohol, hide it under your clothes, threw away the bill, then go back to the store with the bottle still below your clothes? And the store manager KNEW it was alcohol how?

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