Should Muslims be prohibited from taking positive job?

Ms Stuart, of the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: “A whole generation is man brought up to at the very least suspect, and possibly even despise, the society they will have to live in. This is echoingly worrying for the future of community cohesion.…

So let's have adjectives your good reasons why a exceptional section of the community shouldn't be discriminated against.…
Oh hell yeah, similar to being a Pilot!

I mean, really, would anyone really trust their natural life to a pilot who happens to be a Haji who is pretty pissed about our culture and route of life and feels that if he kill us all that he will be rewarded greatly for this?
I mean really? I want to see some of those liberals grasp on a plane with some guy who's name happen to have Mohammad, or Ahkmed, or something like that somewhere within there.
Or if he happens to be from a country that have Stan at the last part of it's designation.

I'm surprised so many people elected Barack HUSSEIN Osama, I be set to Obama to be the leader of our country.

Hell, to be honest, I don't fell comfortable with them even living contained by my country. I mean, it's like have a bunch of ticking time bombs waiting for you to give them any reason to blow up, and I niggardly themselves and others.
No. It is a great pity that some muslims surface they cannot integrate into society without compromising their religion or their culture. However it is quite explicable given that society is based on personal greed, selfishness and profit, adjectives of which are against Sharia law. However, that does not absolve society from not being competent to integrate people because of their cultural and religious beliefs, rather than expecting them to furnish their traditions up in order to integrate.
Can extremist muslims get job in state schools? No. So why should extremist racist?

You can try all you like to compare your average muslim beside a racist BNP member, but it isn't going to work.

We know that you do not consider muslims "British" and that you consider them all "immigrants" and that they are adjectives "extremists", but that is your fantasy world where on earth the BNP does well because of the racial and religous hate you have given them.

What would you have said 50 years ago Paul? That Jews be a threat to our ideals of a nation? Maybe you even think this now, but know that islam is much easier to bash.

BNP supporters turn against the very nature of what edification stands for. Most BNP supporters would be banned from teaching, not because of their support for the BNP, but because of their view. The teaching council decided not to forbid BNP members because there is no point.…

1.put the well-being, nouns and progress of children and young people first
2.appropriate responsibility for maintaining the quality of their tutoring practice children and young race to become confident and successful learners
4.demonstrate respect for diversity and promote equality
5.strive to establish productive partnerships near parents and carers as part of a whole-school team
7.cooperate beside other professional colleagues
8.demonstrate honesty and integrity and uphold public trust and confidence in the teaching profession.

A broad BNP member will not carry out number one, because they will discriminate against black or asian kids.
Will they do number three? Doubtful as they would be trying to introduce national tension into the school they are working contained by. The BNP said that they wanted to change tutoring to include things like making sure they taught that black and asians did not belong contained by this country.
Number four, need i say anything? How can a BNP associate do this?
Number five, would they do that with black and asian parents?
Number six, would they work with black member of staff?
Nuber eight, is that possible being a racist?

You tell me Paul how heaps BNP members would be able to uphold the eight values of a guru, you tell me how many would seize the sack, or not even make it through teacher training. How tons BNP members even have degree? Can't be that many.

Also, why does the BNP not criticise catholics, you know, the religion that caused bombs surrounded by ths country over a long period of time. More terrorist attacks have be catholic, haven't they?
I think a Muslim should not be hired to teach at a Christian institution, for the same reason a Jewish Rabi should not be hired at a Mosque. Because of the number of terrorists that claim to be Muslim, a Muslim should expect extra scrutiny when applying for any guarantee sensitive position. An outright ban may be going too far.
Yes they should....especially when a muslim school visibly states muslims "oppose the lifestyle of the WEST " .......... how could you trust any one of them in a payment job....or a pilot as sombody states...or an airport.....why should we trust them.....when they dont even like us...
Maybe canon enforcement and armed service & specialist intelligence positions, other than translation
i would most certainly prohibit muslims from the airline industry.
Bare with me with this answer, but today I regard as the Western countries like Britain are deciding what the world will look close to tomorrow.

I watched something on TV a few years back more or less a woman from Newcastle who was unable to walk full term in her pregnancies, apparently she be genetically pre programed to self terminate her pregnancies at about 3 or 4 months, anyway what ever it be it was too early to hold any hope of saving the baby.

But and within is always a but, she had a sister who have no such problem, she I think had have 3 kids so what the Scientists did, the Genetic Scientists was to do a bit Gene Splicing they literally cut out the bad Faulty DNA from one of her eggs and replaced it beside a bit of the Good DNA from one of her sister's, and hey-presto bobs-y-uncle 9 months later there be a healthy bouncing baby boy born, A FIRST, and as far as I know that boy be and maybe still is Unique Genetically he has One Father close to the rest of us BUT Two Mothers.

Now you may think to yourself and with extraordinarily good cause, what the hell is he lacking continuity on about, what has this get to do with my Q, but I think this is at the core of your Q, because surrounded by the future that is perchance less than a lifetime away future generation will be far less concerned about the Physical bodily processes of people, but will almost certainly be far more concerned almost the Mental make-up of people, as contained by what motivates em and what makes em tick.

If in the adjectives Parents will be able to chop and change, pick and choose the Physical Characteristics of their off-spring since they are even conceived, say by Hair Eyes and Skin Colour, Height and Build and so-forth, the one and only remaining difference that will still divide people's across the sphere and pose a problem will be their belief's and acceptance's of certain types of lifestyles, ie Western and Free or Muslim which I believe to be at the moment not Free.

As I see it any member or member of a Free Society that's wants a say surrounded by the way that that society is run MUST first be prepared to accept it WARTS AND ALL, and that go for everybody Muslims and none Muslims alike, and so sadly my answer to your Q has to be yes these empire are at the moment prepared to teach a different way of enthusiasm from what we in Britain live at the moment, ie Western and free with its wart and all.

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