If you 16 do you attain min wage?

CAN you get over min wage at 16 thanks im within the uk
There is a Minimum wage for under 16-17 it's around lb3.50, the min wage go up again between the age's of 18-21 lb5.00 and then finally the bracket for over 21's which is around lb6.00 now. Smaller company's will afford 16-17 the minimum amount but many larger company's will give you the over 21's NMW if more. Source(s): Check Direct.gov for clearer information.
If you're 15 or 16 and are working while you're still at school, your rights are almost transposable to those of 14 year olds. However, you are allowed to work for up to eight hours on Saturdays or during the school holidays.

16 and 17 year olds
If you're no longer at school and you're 16 or 17, the regulation refers to you as a 'young worker'. Because you will no longer be at school, there are a lesser amount of restrictions on when you can work and for how long, but there are still some rules.

Because you've reached college leaving age, you may find that employers may be more inclined to offer you part-time or full-time employment. You're also not constrained to just 'light work', so you'll be allowed to work in places close to a busy shop, restaurant kitchen or as a waiter or waitress
The minimum wage
You become eligible for the National Minimum Wage (NMW) when you're older than school disappearing age. The rate of NMW will then depend on your exact age.

There isn't a National Minimum Wage for people underneath 16 who are younger than the school leaving age.

The National Minimum Wage rate changed on 1 October, so take home sure you check that you're getting paid the right amount.
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Yes, you can get over minimum wage. This especially if you choose ./ can get skilled job. If you are good with computers in attendance are lots of jobs, even part time, that salary well and use your skills. You can also get a brief in the trades, even physical work moving and lifting that pay capably above minimum wage. Use your friends and family, AND your willingness to work firm to get the opportunity! I did!

You can earn over the minimum wage if you are 16. In fact there is no upper check to wages at any age only a limit on how low they can be. At 16 the minimum wage is lb3.57, this rises to lb4.83 for those between 18 and 21 and at 22 and above it is set at lb5.80.

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