Am I correct within thinking that the ConDem Gov own approved that you hold to be late to prove you're unfit to?

work, I've heard talk that they claim terminally unwell patients with 6 month life expectancy are mortal asked to look for work!FFS!
you aint wired up right if you believe stuff like that. you must have hear it from a cloth head labour supporter
the facts are, that you own to be unfit for work. and that doesnt mean you watched a horror show once so you're too scared to go out.
alcohol problems? whos shortcoming is that then?
Not content with frightening the workforce they are (somehow) employed to 'manage' now they are picking on the responsibilites of the state based on war fought for Civilisation, the state has a duty of care, no ****** else does (poor, sick, elderly, disabled, disadvantaged) **** it let's enjoy a civil war but before we do call round:
----and a Death Certificate isn't good enough - you enjoy to have a letter from the doctor as very well to say that you're not fit for work
More lies spread by the Labour Party goons.

Why don't you get the message that the public does what any more of the litter spread by parasite Labour Politicians. You have already bankrupted the country trying to buy the publics votes, immediately sling your hook.
Whoever told you that is a scaremongering ignoramus.
Yeah right.

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