Is an internet-based company one and only answerable to the law of where on earth it's HQ are?

badly worded question, can an internet-based company such as google be brought to court using any other law than the country where its headquarters are based. For example, google is base in California but I can access it here; are they only subject to californian imperative?

I've heard this said a few times, and I know many pirating websites procure off with hosting their stuff because the servers are base in countries where piracy isn't unjust (eg. sweden).

Can anyone confirm or deny this, and perhaps point me in the right direction on what i should be penetrating to get some information on this?

Thanks in finance.
Thats one of the legal areas still up for debate. The going standard is that they are subject to the rules of the country where the site is hosted. Thats one cause why many of the gambling sites are hosted contained by the Turks and Caicos Islands and not in the US where they are private. As long as the "head office" runs in accordance next to US laws, assuming the head organization is based in the US, the company can run how ever it requests overseas.

It's no different then a US clothing company having clothing made within sweat shops by underage workers overseas. If it's legal where it's done afterwards not much can be done about it.

What is subject to US laws are the relatives in the US who use the sites. Speaking as you were in the order of pirating websites, US law can't do much about them but once someone downloads something into the US they can be boned for pirating or what ever other wrong may apply. The Company remains outside of US jurisdiction.

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